At the Bruce Museum

The miniatures show has been a biennial Bruce Museum tradition for thirty-five years; this year’s exhibition draws together artists who depict landscapes on a small scale.  While the creation of miniature scenes itself is not a new concept, contemporary artists use small works to encourage closer looking, drawing the viewer in so s/he becomes aware of a deeper message only after first being lured by the finesse and beauty of the piece.  In this exhibition works are made from old books and re-purposed suitcases, found objects and handcrafted items, glass and a living tree. The subject matter ranges just as widely from highly researched environmental and political issues to fanciful imaginary worlds and nostalgic memories of the family homestead.  Lands of Enchantment showcases the Bruce Museum’s past with the display of natural history dioramas made by former director Paul Griswold Howes. For young and old alike, miniature landscapes present a virtual reality that transports us to another place and time.

Featured Artists:

  • Sally Curcio
  • Paul Griswold Howes
  • Patrick Jacobs
  • Guy Laramée
  • Kerry Miller
  • Lori Nix
  • Kathleen Gerber
  • Josh Simpson
  • Blane de St. Croix
  • Kathleen Vance