Inspired by the story of Apollo astronauts seeing the earth ‘hanging like a blue marble in space,’ Josh Simpson began creating his own fanciful marble-sized planets in the mid-1970s. This early artistic exploration, combined with his intense interest in physics, cosmology, astronomical phenomena, and all things mechanical, inform and inspire his work to this day.  A ‘planet’ begins when silver metal is melted onto a small glob of a unique formula of molten glass, followed by the addition of multiple layers of colored glass, and sometimes gold or platinum leaf. Each planet has spectacular sea or landscapes. On some you can observe or imagine active volcanoes, enormous structures perhaps built by alien species or stunning ocean storms and weather patterns.

Build your own collection?  Josh makes a variety of different sized Planets.

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"In effect, the Planets act much like Persian miniatures, whose small format and richly painted micro-environments were designed to encourage contemplation in an intimate, relaxed manner. The beauty of these objects simultaneously calms and excites the eye, providing a momentary flight from the mundane that refreshes the mind."
- Constantina Oldknow, from Josh Simpson: New Work, New Worlds


These images are of Josh's glass and currently in private collections... not available for purchase.