WINE Goblets

The first recording of Josh Simpson in 1973. Outtakes from a news piece on Josh (long hair and all) as he makes a clear goblet.


Watch Josh and Jay Brown make a hand blown and one of a kind Corona Glass Tektite Sculpture. Recorded and edited by Tyler Coleman Forton Learn more at: Purchase Josh's Tektites:

WGBY Documentary (short version), Defying Gravity

The making of a 100 lb. Megaplanet - for the Corning Museum Collection (and the World's largest Paperweight). "I was honored to be asked to create the 1000th paperweight for the Corning collection". Produced by WGBY - Keith Clark. Full 60 minute video documentary available for purchase through


Artist Josh Simpson and his wife, Cady Coleman, a renowned astronaut, provide a joint lecture. Simpson creates wondrously detailed imaginary "planets" and "worlds" in glass. Coleman spent six months on the International Space Station in 2011. They will discuss their unique experiences and share stories with the audience.

Glass Cane Review

Josh Simpson and his crew making intricate, multilayered cane, which will become bursts of color in Josh's new work. Crew: Jay Brown, Tucker Litchfield and Kim Simpson Recorded and edited by: Jacqui 

Hyperspace Platter

Josh Simpson Studio Watch Josh and his crew make a Hyperspace Platter! This is a new platter series by Josh Simpson. Using fused cane expanding to the outer edges and possibly transporting into another dimension! Recorded by Tyler Coleman Forton and Edited by Jacqui Proctor.


Josh Simpson makes a vibrant Corona Tektite Sculpture. Assisted by Anne Kuehl and Jeff Murphy. Video recorded and edited by Jacqui Proctor.


MASS Live, Published on Dec 15, 2015 by John Suchocki. 

Glass artist of Shelburne Massachusetts.

e.g. Conference

Artist Josh Simpson makes planets out of glass; his wife, Cady Coleman, explores them. At EG4 (2010) in Monterey -

Fuller Craft Museum: Interview with Josh Simpson

Artists from the exhibition talk about craft and life out in Western Massachusetts. In this segment, Mark Richard Leach interviews glass artist Josh Simpson in his Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts studio. He speaks about microcosms, the effect of the natural environment on the evolution of his craft, the Shelburne creative community, and apprenticeship.

Wine Goblets

Josh Simpson and assistants, Jay Brown and Tucker Litchfield make a Blue New Mexico Wine Goblet. Josh Simpson stopped making his iconic goblets 29 years ago but just for the fun of it, (and maybe to see if he still had the energy and skill necessary to make them) he has been working on a series of different wine goblet colors.


New Red and Blue Ornaments by contemporary glass artist, Josh Simpson. Assisted by: Jay Brown and Tucker Litchfield. Video by: Jacqui Proctor

Available for sale on: 


Watch Josh Simpson make a Corona Platter with assistant, Jay Brown. Edited and recorded by: Jacqui Proctor.  Music: Satori, Rodrigo y Gabriela


Josh Simpson, assisted by Jeff Murphy, Anne Kuehl, and Alex Brezinski make a large Tektite Portal. Video recorded and edited by Jacqui Proctor.