JSCG Staff (From left to right): Tyler Coleman Forton, Jacqui Proctor, Kurk Broga, Diantha Wholey, Tucker Litchfield, Jay Brown, Becky Racz, Kim Simpson and Josh Simpson.

JSCG Staff (From left to right): Tyler Coleman Forton, Jacqui Proctor, Kurk Broga, Diantha Wholey, Tucker Litchfield, Jay Brown, Becky Racz, Kim Simpson and Josh Simpson.

Jay Brown

An assistant to Josh in the hot shop. Jay graduated from Franklin Pierce University. After graduation he decided to leave his hometown in Connecticut to pursue his passion for glassblowing. Since starting his career, Jay spends his free time creating and selling his own glass work. He also has past experience assistant teaching at Franklin Pierce University, Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program, The Hot Glass Art Center and most recently Corning Museum of Glass. Jay is a fan of the concerts in the hill towns and loves bird watching at home in Shelburne.


Tucker Litchfield

Josh's other talented hot shop assistant has been working with and teaching glassblowing for over 20 years! In his spare time away from hot shops, Tucker enjoys snowshoeing and cooking a fierce italian meal or grilling. While Tucker was in High School, he had his 15 minutes of fame on Good Morning America with the rest of his Field Hockey team -- and he wore a kilt! Tucker lives in Heath with his wife, Summer, their daughter, Maven, and two cats, Big Boi and Count Tyron. 

Jacqui Proctor

Our sales, multimedia marketing wizardess and the gallery and museum liaison. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Arts Management. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jacqui loves the small town charm and creative environment of Western Massachusetts.  When Jacqui's not in the office, she's busy with her own artwork, playing music or candlepin bowling in town.

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Rebecca Racz

Our Shipping and Inventory Manager. Becky has been beyond helpful since she started working at JSCG. Everything that leaves the studio is packed in Becky's angelic and careful hands!

Becky grew up in Buckland, Massachusetts across the river from Shelburne. She finished school at Skidmore College and still favors many memories of her A Capella group. Now she's back in the village of Shelburne Falls with her immensely fluffy cat, Pippa. 

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Sue Reed

Assists Josh with special projects and has a brilliant mind for writing and editing. She is currently on a mission to finish her second book! Sue also holds an appreciation for design with 26 years of Landscape Architecture along with a craft background as a furniture maker. Sue lives in Shelburne with her partner, David and is a constant help at the studio!

Kim Simpson

Responsible for all 30 acres of gardens, trees and lawns at the studio. Kim has experience with helping out in the hot shop and does most of the cold working. He's also the guy that maintains the glass equipment and the one person here who can start any recalcitrant engine ever made. Kim is a ceramic artist-potter in his own right. He's also a great cook, especially using his own garden vegetables on the grill at his home in Rowe. Oh, and did we mention he's Josh's brother? If you ever need to hear a good story - go to Kim!

Diantha Wholey

Queen of all things mathematical since she started her bookkeeping career. From Diantha's desk, she can literally overlook her home about 5 miles down the valley. Diantha and her husband James, a retired dairy farmer, have two daughters, Betsy and Martha, and a son-in-law, Bill. Diantha is a multiple volunteer with various organizations. She is well known around here for making the best dinners and desserts (like the green Jello with the delicious little floating mandarin oranges within) at the Shelburne monthly church suppers. We especially love Diantha because she signs our checks! (PS: She has been here for over 25 years!)